Precision manufacturing is the heart of BK MediTech®.  Our story began as a watch component making company in the 1970’s. The rigorous training program of its workforce led the original owners to begin investigating the medical device manufacturing world.

  • Early 1980: BK MediTech® begins contracting manufacturing services to top orthopedic and spine companies, to design and manufacture screw implants and instruments.
  • Late 1990: Large spine and orthopedic companies start to move contract manufacturing services out of the US and Europe to China. BK MediTech® creates our first proprietary 6.0mm spinal screw system. Following this system, BK MediTech® created one of the first 2-piece cam-style set  screw systems in the industry, which pre-dated many of the large spine companies creating a similar system.
  • Early 2000: BK MediTech® is designing and manufacturing screw systems for many spine and trauma companies in 38 countries.
  • In 2008: BK MediTech®  begins focusing on a growth plan in the US market, and partners with key surgeons and distributors, and begins to slowly build a loyal following.
  • In 2017: BK MediTech®    begins focusing on the research and development of roughened surface technology, and releases a new open deformity screw system featuring an hydroxyapatite (HA) grit-blasted roughened surface, using a subtractive manufacturing process to address osteopenic/osteoporotic aging patients, neuromuscular pediatric scoliosis patients, and tumor patients.
  • In 2018: BK MediTech®  receives the FDA clearance for new roughend surface deformity system in March, and continues with rapid acceptance and growth of the system and technology.
  • Late 2019: BK MediTech®  moves forward with the completion of the design and manufacturing of an MIS (minimally invasive spine) system, with roughen surface technology.
  • Fall 2020: BK MediTech®  Rebrands its current technologies with a new NASA inspired theme, to pay tribute to the advancement of technology for the exploration of outer space, with the same philosophical approach designing its technology for the inner space of the spine. BK MediTech® relaunches its updated flagship deformity and scoli system, now called the Endeavor Scoli System.
  • Winter 2020:  BK MediTech® launches its much anticipated second system for the minimally invasive spine market, called the Gemini MIS System. 


BK MediTech®  is devoted to being a worldwide leader in research and manufacturing, and dedicated to touching the lives of patients through technology. We support our surgeons and distributors at the highest level of quality and customer service, and are constantly improving those relationships, as well as building new ones.